I’m Back!

Back in November I dropped off the edge of the edge of the blogging earth. I just couldn’t keep up with blogging, cleaning, R, and the holidays. Something had to give and blogging was very easy to give up. So I stopped. 

I'm Back! | The Hart of it All
At first, I was enjoying my newfound freedom but then I started to miss it. So I posted here and there on social media but overall I was still MIA. By the end of December, I had settled on how to bring together the best of both blogging and not blogging: I’d lose the schedule. 

I'm Back! | The Hart of it All
I wanted so terribly to jump out into the blogging world and give it my everything. That’s how I tend to do things: obsess night and day over anything I’m interested in. The opportunity cost of jumping head first into blogging though is just too high for me to be willing to pay for long: my family. I could easily spend upwards of 60-70 hours a week writing, photographing, editing, posting on social media, making new contacts, etc. and not even put a dent in my blogging to-do list. Those 60 hours came from play time, cleaning time, and even my sleeping time. I do not want to be a mother permanently attached to her phone/tablet/computer. 

I'm Back! | The Hart of it All
R is already obsessed with electronics. If she can get ahold of a cell phone, a computer, the remote, or a tablet, she seizes the opportunity with lightning speed. The last thing I want to do as her mother is solidify the idea that we should be attached to an electronic device 24/7. I want to be back to a point where I turn on Pandora and my phone sits on a charger all day while we sing, dance, play, read, sleep, and explore. 

I'm Back! | The Hart of it All
My new plan: post on social media when I feel like it and attempt to have a new post up at least once a month. Basically, this is getting downgraded from a non-paying job to a hobby. I also think I’m going to start having some more journal type posts mixed in with my informative ones.

I'm Back! | The Hart of it All
Some topics I hope to be covering soon include: cloth diapering, a breastfeeding schedule, weaning, cleaning tips, recipes, and a couple holiday themed posts.  What would you like to see?

I'm Back! | The Hart of it All
I look forward to restarting this blogging adventure with you in this new year. Happy 2017! May we all learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves this year. 

I'm Back! | The Hart of it All


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