Taking a Hiatus

I started my blog to connect with people and to help them. I am enjoying blogging so much but the time investment is becoming a struggle. I feel like I’m glued to my phone all day writing, taking pictures, and posting on social media. I became a stay-at-home mom to be present in my daughter’s life and to take care of the household. I don’t feel like I am doing those things to the best of my abilities and that is frustrating me. 

Taking a Hiatus | The Hart of it All

A week and a half ago I lost a childhood friend to suicide. Since then I have had to force myself to do any sort of blog promotion on social media. Some days I more successful than others. My friend’s death has hurt my heart deeply. It also has gotten me to thinking about what is important. To me, family is the most important thing in my life, second only to God. I have not been a good wife or mother since I have started blogging and that is not acceptable to me. I decided I needed a change. 

Taking a Hiatus | The Hart of it All

Photo Credit: Tiffany Becker

There are so many things I still want to write. I am not quitting blogging. What I am doing is reevaluating how I am running things and how I can make things better. I’m going to take the next week off from any blogging activities. I’m going to spend that time getting my household back together and playing with R. 

Taking a Hiatus | The Hart of it All
I’m going to think about how to juggle blogging and promotion with the lifestyle I want. This most likely means that I am not going to post as often. I am sure that as R grows, I will have more opportunity to write and be online. At that point, I may pick up the pace but, until then, I need to be more of a mom and less of a blogger. 

Taking a Hiatus | The Hart of it All


3 thoughts on “Taking a Hiatus

  1. I am sure that you are a good mom and you are giving your best. Sometimes things can take us on a different path, but that does not mean that we are bad mums. Just have to find right balance. So good luck!


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