When I started thinking about having children, I decided I wanted to cloth diaper. My husband was very against this idea for a long time. I finally convinced him after showing him how they work and the savings from cloth diapering. Now he says he’s glad we chose to cloth diaper because “it’s a very cost effective solution.” When I was pregnant with R, my grandma wanted nothing more than to buy us something we really needed so she bought my original cloth diaper stash. I started out with 48 diapers. After I had R, I found out that a local shop called Samozrejme has a “Restash.” That’s how my stash more than doubled and I was able to try different types of cloth diapers. Restash | The Hart of it All
This past Saturday was the fall Restash at Samozrejme (SA moz ray may) in Troy, Ohio. For weeks I had been looking forward to the event because I wanted to get different types of diapers to try to review and I could get more pre-loved diapers than I could buying all new. My friend Tiffany (who sells Lularoe) is new to cloth diapering and wanted to get more for her stash too so she agreed to go with me. 

Restash | The Hart of it All
I arrived at the store around 8:30 am and I was first in line. Tiffany arrived shortly after me and then more people began to join us in line. The woman behind us in line was a seller. After chatting for about a half an hour, she got to go in because sellers could start shopping at 9. The line continued to grow and Tiffany and I continued to chat with those around us. 

Restash | The Hart of it All
At 10 am the owner of the shop, Allison, came out and took some pictures and video for Facebook and let us loose. Tiffany and I divided and conquered. Each of us were looking for specific things and we were able to help each other find various things. After filling our reusable shopping bags that we brought with us, we stepped aside and began going through what we grabbed to decide what we wanted to keep or put back. 

Restash | The Hart of it All
After putting back what we decided we didn’t want, we got in line to have our total tallied and then check out. The system at the Restash is very efficient and we didn’t have to wait in line very long. My total came to about $84 for 18 diapers plus inserts, charcoal inserts, a couple nursing-friendly maternity tops and a few other accessories.For reference, I would have been able to buy the 4 pre-folds I got and 4 of the pocket diapers for about that price.

Restash | The Hart of it All
Now, normally, my story would end there with me going home and washing the amazing diapers I got from the sale and Instagraming my stash for all the world to see. All of that happened, but this sale they decided to try out a half price hour at the end of the day. So at 3:00 pm when the half price hour started, I was bugging my husband for permission to go back and buy more. I got my permission and off R and I went to buy more diapers! I ended up with another 17 diapers and more inserts, a wetbag and a couple more nursing-friendly tops for about $39. For reference, I could have gotten about 8 ½ diapers for that price (these diapers were cheaper brands than most of my last haul). 

Restash | The Hart of it All
I’m more than happy to report that, after attending two Restashes and a successful garage sale trip over the summer, my diaper stash has grown from 48 diapers to over 100! I plan on telling you all about my experiences with cloth diapers in the future. Tiffany is going to share with us her experiences as well because every cloth diaper experience is different! Until then, I encourage you to check out Samozrejme on Facebook and if you’re local, go check out the shop! It’s a great place to find cloth diapers and other eco-friendly products! 

Restash | The Hart of it All
Do you cloth diaper? Have you ever been to a Restash or similar event? I’d love to hear all about it! 

Restash | The Hart of it All


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