Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All
I’m terrible at keeping a journal. Especially one that requires me to sit and write down everything that happened during the day. In my pre-baby life I did a decent job of keeping a dream journal but now I usually wake to a crying baby and don’t have time to lay in bed and write down my dreams.
Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All
During one middle of the night feeding I read about a journal called The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day. It sounded interesting but I’m lazy and cheap and didn’t want to buy a journal and wait for it to arrive. There’s an app that I could (and probably should) download but it’s $4.99 and I didn’t trust myself to stick with it. So I scoured the Internet and found the cheap version (aka FREE). I had a million notebooks from my teaching days and decided to do the journal on my own.

Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All
Each evening after I finish my journaling I write the next day’s prompts so it’s ready. In the morning I fill in the front page and at night, the back. Here are the prompts:

Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All


Inspirational Quote:

Weekly Challenge:

I’m grateful for… (3 things)

What would make today great? (3 things)

Daily Affirmation: I am…


Three amazing things that happened today…

What could have made today better?

Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All
The quote usually takes the longest because I try to find one that is inspirational and meaningful to me. Sometimes if I find more than one I’ll fill them in for other days so I’m ahead. I also tend to fill in the weekly challenge for the whole week to save time throughout the week. When I’m feeling productive I will write the prompts for several days to save myself some time.

You are supposed to do the journal every morning before you start your day, but I’m a busy mom so if it gets done by noon I call that a win. It’s easier to do the evening journal right before bed because I’m not fighting an infant for my pen!

I do think the journal makes me reflect on what I’m doing and what is great about life. I also begin to notice a pattern (mainly that dishes are a constant battle in my house) and try to change it.

Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All
My mom tried to do this journal but said she found it difficult to think of things. I think she was thinking too hard about it. I think the key is to be realistic. While a million dollars would make today great, the chances of that happening are slim. On the other hand, getting some exercise in is realistic and will make me feel better about myself.

Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All
Try the “five minute journal” then come back and tell me your thoughts! Did you enjoy it or find it difficult?


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Five Minute Journal | The Hart of It All


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Journal

  1. What a great idea- and more importantly- doable!! Thinking about giving this a try… Looks like it could center you add some positivity to your day!


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