How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff… And You Can Too!

This post contains an affiliate link from Amazon, which means if you click on one of the link, I’ll receive monetary compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

I’ve gotten over $600 in free baby stuff in just the past year. I love a deal but I love FREE even more! Here are some ways I’ve gotten free baby items:

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

1. Registries: Babies ‘R’ Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon Baby Registry and Target all give you a nice little gift bag of goodies and coupons when you register. It changes depending on what freebies they have in stock but you often get things like a bottle, a pacifier, and samples (which are awesome to keep in your car or diaper bag!). Plus, you get some really good coupons. Don’t have time to make a registry in the store? Make one online and stop in the store to pick up your goody bag!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

Just a small sample of things I got for registering.

2. Pampers Rewards: If you disposable diaper and you buy pampers wipes and diapers you can get codes from those and enter for free stuff, but as a cloth diapering mama how am I getting free stuff from Pampers? There are many people who buy you diapers even if you’re using cloth (and it’s always handy to have some diapers sitting around!). The freebie way to get rewards points though is social media. That’s right! Pampers posts reward codes on Facebook and Twitter. Usually Twitter’s rewards are 5 points and Facebook’s are 10. When they have a Twitter party you can win rewards points too and I always participate when I can! I’ve gotten a teether and reusable food pouches from pampers without ever buying diapers!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

Thanks to Pampers Rewards I just got these reusable squeeze pouches.

3. Formula Freebies: Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber all give you free samples when you sign up with them. They will also send you coupons to use on formula. Your peditrician’s office and your obgyn or the maternity ward of the hospital will also be able to give you formula samples if you just ask!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

You can get samples of various formulas and tons of coupons just by signing up with the formula conpanies!

4.Contests: Lots of companies have contests on social media. Some are as simple as liking and sharing and some require a comment or for you to tag a friend. I’ve won a swaddle and a wiggle blanket from SwaddleMe (by Summer’s Infant) and a Pooh mobile from Disney Baby. Lots of blogs and other companies (BabyList, WeeSpring, Baby Center, What to Expect, etc.) have contests for just about every product known to man. Follow your favorite blogs and your favorite products on Twitter or Facebook and they will alert you to contests!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

I won my favorite swaddle on Facebook!

5. Parent Panels: You can test and review products for companies and you usually get to keep whatever they send you. I’ve tested a high chair, a baby monitor, nipple and stretch mark creams, and a travel system through the WeeSpring Parent Panel. All you need to do is join WeeSpring and use their site regularly to get noticed. They will contact you if you fit the bill for a parent panel product tester. Summer Infant has a place to sign up to be a product tester on their website. I took a survey to test bottles once but since I’m exclusively breastfeeding right now they passed me up. I also see on Twitter that Step2 often has a need for product testers. Unfortunately R is too little for their stuff just yet but as soon as she hits toddlerhood we are signing up! If you have your own blog, you can get other opportunities by reaching out to companies to review their products.

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff...And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

I recieved both the Mimo Monitor and this Evenflo Clifton high chair from the WeeSpring Parent Panel to review!

6. Baby Fairs: I’m not sure if all hospitals do this but many hospitals in my area have a baby fair. They have people set up booths to tell you what the hospital offers and try to sell you things. Each booth usually has a contest you can enter to win something plus there are door prizes. I’ve won a changing pad, diapers, and a couple make up/spa type things. Many booths have some freebies to pass out too. I’ve gotten medicine dispensers, a thermometer, books, breastfeeding supplies (nipple cream, nursing pads, etc.), and even a onesie.

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

A small sampling of freebies I recieved from local baby fairs.

7. Garage Sales: This may seem crazy but I have gotten a bunch of free clothes at garage sales. People will toss stained or damaged items into a box with FREE on it and that’s what I hit first. I often end up taking the whole box because most of the stains I’ve been able to get out and simple fixes like needing a new button or a patch on a pair of jeans is an easy and quick fix! Of the free things I’ve taken home over the years I’ve only thrown out 3 or 4 items because I couldn’t save them. I have learned several tricks to get out stains and they work great on my garage sale freebies!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

Found these toddler shirts in a free box at a garage sale last month.

8. There is an awesome company out of Utah called Steals. They have a website that has four categories: She, Baby, Kids, and Scrapbook. If you have an account and check out one of the categories you get 2 steal points. Steal points are converted to cash (1 point = 1 cent) at the checkout and you can use them on your order. Visiting all four categories in one day gets you 8 steal points (or 8 cents off your order). When you order from Steals you also get 2 steal points for every dollar you spend. You can combine your points with any deals going on to get the most bang for your buck! I currently have over $12 worth of steal points which is easily enough to get something fun for free!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

My favorite “steal” to date is this stroller shade by Mobility Wonders.

9. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library: As long as your area is participating, you can sign up online or through your local library to participate in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Every month they will send your little one an age appropriate book to help you build their library. You can register your child as soon as they are born and the sooner you do the more books you will get! It takes a little while to be processed and to get your first book. For example, I signed R up in March, got my approval in April, and our first book arrived in May. So, sign up as soon as possible!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

We got these books in the mail from Doll Parton’s Imagination Library!

*Bonus Tip: You can apply some of these strategies to get other things free. Lots of companies have contests and giveaways online. Some companies have rewards programs where you can do things without ever buying their product and earn points to get freebies (like Purina Cat Chow). I know there are lots of companies who need product testers, you just need to be willing to seek them out! And of course, there are lots of free things at garage sales!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All

I won a free pizza with these pictures of our pets!

Take advantage of the freebies you can get especially if it’s for a product you’d like to try! I often search for freebies for products that I want to try before I go out and buy it at full price. Even if you can’t get a freebie you might be able to get a coupon or discount!

How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff... And You Can Too! | The Hart of it All


3 thoughts on “How I Got Over $600 in Free Baby Stuff… And You Can Too!

  1. I didn’t see your review of the Evenflo Clifton high chair.. I’m wondering what you thought of it? I was considering buying one for my daughter but the couple of reviews I could find were not so good.


    • Hi Samantha!
      I actually received that high chair before starting my blog which is why I don’t have a review on here. I personally like it for our life style. We don’t have a lot of space in our house and I was able to fold it up between meals to keep it out of the way. Our old high chair actually had to sit in the middle of the living room and was always in the way! The fabric of the seat is easy to wipe up and when it needed a deeper clean I’d just wipe it off in the sink and dry it outside on the line. Usually I would wash it after lunch and by supper it would be dry! I also liked that I could use it as a portable high chair. Since it’s so lightweight and folds flat, I could just slide it in the trunk when we go somewhere that we need an extra high chair (usually for holidays and other family events).

      I know the leaning back feature isn’t very useful, but that didn’t really bother me. My biggest “con” for this high chair is that it has little numbers where the tray slips on and food gets stuck in there.

      I hope that information was helpful. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them!


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