Welcome to The Hart of it All

I’ve always been a quiet person. I tend to keep things to myself even around the people I consider close. The only people that get to hear all that’s on my mind is my mother and my husband. Neither of them are generally thrilled when I rant for an hour about car seat safety. The idea of blogging was probably one of the furthest things from my mind until I started wanting to tell people things. I hate confrontation so attempting to tell anyone that there is a better way to do what they are doing is terrifying because I might offend them. Suddenly the idea that I could express my views in a place where my friend won’t hang up the phone and not talk to me for days or even years was quite appealing! So I started writing posts just for myself whenever inspiration hit. Of course no one was reading these posts so the world continued to not listen to quiet little Michelle.

Michelle Hart and husband
Once my daughter was born (I will refer to her as R here) I became a stay-at-home mom. I had more things to say and only my husband and my mom to listen. My husband is a very patient man but eventually listening to me drone on and on about subjects he cares little about started to drive him nuts. He finally suggested I start a blog and then I confided in him that I had already been writing a bunch of posts.

For a while that’s all that became of that idea, just a dream that I shared with my husband. Then I had one of those crazy nights, you know the kind where you have to get up early the next day but you stay up until 3 am. I stayed up nearly all night reading about how to start a blog and how to make it successful. I did not want to jump into this endeavor willy nilly and nothing come of it. I want to be able to help people through things I know about. 

So after a month of researching, creating a blog plan (including evaluating other blogs that I aspire to be like), working to come up with a name and a logo, brainstorming posts, and finally setting up accounts, here I am: The Hart of it All. 

Let me give you a little background on my name (you can read more about my background on my about me page). I married Mr. Hart in 2012 and I love my new last name. I feel like Hart describes me because I tend to do things with guidance from my heart (thankfully my husband is guided more by his mind so we balance each other out). When I decided to create a blog I knew Hart had to be the main component of the name. I played with words until I came to “The Hart of it All.” It was perfect because to me family is the heart of it all and that’s what my blog is pretty much about. I kept thinking that phrases sounded so familiar. I had to google it and then as the chorus of angels sang I realized it used to be the motto of my home state: Ohio. Only fate could tie my blog name into such a neat little package. 

And that leads me to right now. Sitting on my bed while R is napping, ignoring the dishes in the sink to tell you who I am and hope that you will come with me on my journey. I’m excited to share my life with you so let’s get started!

Michelle Hart


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